1. Evelyne

From the recording Evelyne

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What if Earth could sing to us, and she called us Evelyne. This is the premise of this song I released on Earth Day, 2024. It's a love song. Dave Eggar on cello. I'm playing piano and singing. Ashton Brown mixed and mastered and I thank them both for their tenderness.


When you and I began I was still in bloom
But your longing grew and wandered off with you

Evelyne, come back to me
When the winter moon fades away and turns to morning dew
My ingenue, I’ll still be here for you

Evelyne, come back for me
Let’s start again
Don’t let our story end

Remember me when I was whole
When all your dreams were mine to hold for you, Evelyne

You and I were always meant to be
Can’t you see?
Your home is here with me

Evelyne, come back to me and live
Evelyne, Evelyne