Finding a Way is a collection of stories about living a creative life. It’s about love and longing, doubt and insecurity, resilience and patience, and it’s about the transformative power of creating something new. 

Bar Scott’s stories describe the events that inspired her songs, but Finding a Way will speak to anyone who wants to do more of what they love to do—whatever that might be. 

An audio version of Finding a Way is available here and will also be available at in early August, 2020. 

Narrated by Bar, this collection includes 21 of her songs and their stories.  

Paperback and Kindle Versions are available here.

Cover Photograph ©2020 Bar Scott

The Present Giver is a memoir about love, loss, and living fully when life wants everything from you. People often think this will be hard book to read, but the opposite is true. 

Abigail Thomas called The Present Giver "...a profound and beautiful book." 

Elizabeth Lesser said, "...once I read the first sentence...I did something I never do: I stopped everything and spent the day living in the book until the end." 

You can find Paperback, Kindle, and audio versions here.


Cover painted by Abigail Thomas ©2009 

The Lone Writer's Writing Club is a workbook for writers who want the kind of inspiration that comes from writing with others in a weekly writing group. 

The writer responds to a prompt, then reads what others have written in response to that same prompt, which leads to still more prompts.  

It's fun and interactive. Great for groups who need a lift but designed for writers who are working alone and find themselves wishing they had a group to kick ideas around with. Available here.

Writing Bio: 

Bar Scott loves words. She has won an ASCAP Special Award 13 times for her lyrics- and song-writing. More recently, she has added writer and memoirist to her credentials publishing Finding a Way - Stories from a Creative Life in 2020, The Present Giver in 2011, and The Lone Writer's Writing Club - A workbook for writers who wish they had a writing group, published in 2016. 

Other published works include: 

     "More of Me" (aka: "Ah ha ha") Corners: Voices on Change, Jack Walker Press, 2018 

     "Grace" and "Heaven" Stories of Music Volumes One and Two (Timbre Press, 2015, 2017), 

     "Breaking Bread," (Bacopa Literary Review, 2017), 

     "The Ways of Water" (Ravens Perch, 2017)  

     “Valentine” Three Minus One, (She Writes Press, 2014) 

     “Tight Spot” printed in The Sun magazine (2010) and "Breast" also in The Sun (2015). 

Bar was the producer and facilitator at Wet Mountain Valley Writers Workshops from 2011 - 2019 where she led workshops with Abigail Thomas and Dorothy Allison. Over 100 writers have taken part in the WMV Workshops both in rural Colorado and in Woodstock, New York. 

And she was a featured writer at the Woodstock (NY) Bookfest from 2009 - 2019.  now called The Woodstock Bookfest.   

She has over 65 published songs (music and lyrics) and seven albums of original songs, as well as another five of cover songs. For more information, contact Bar