From the recording Journey

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Bar: Vocals, guitar, piano
Peter Tomlinson: accordion, e guitar, triangle
Lou Pappas: bass


If There’s a Way
©2014, Bar Scott

If there’s a way to end these tears
So they won’t fall forever after or years
Overflow, drowning all of my dreams
I’d catch them all, take them down to the sea
To find a way

At dawn I would lie down before an altar of stone
Watch a songbird flying over the hill
I would wander high above the tree line to see a full moon rise
I’d linger ‘til the morning light
To find a way

I would give up everything I know
I would learn to love again
I would empty every pocket I own
I would carry the hardest sticks and stones
To find a way

I would try to build a shelter without a border or walls
Where I would sit by a bridge
And I would listen to the water fall