From the recording Finding a Way -- the songs

Bar: Vocals
Professor Louie: B3 Organ
Mike DeMicco: Guitar
Tony Levin: Bass
Jerry Marotta: Drums


Blinded by the Love
©2006 Bar Scott
Published by Lucy Max Publishing ASCAP

Please, come on love
I’m in need, come on love

I don’t need a conversation to know what I’m feeling inside
All I need is that sensation when I see your eyes
And I need your love to bring me around
To heal my heart, to heal my heart

It was just another morning like any other autumn day around here
You were near and I was needy but something was clear
You moved away before we met, never met
Now I’m blinded, blinded by the love
Now I’m blinded, so blinded by the love

I don’t need your lovin’ to know that I heat up just fine
I convinced myself my dreamin’ would make it all right

But I feel
How do you love? what do you love?
How do you know if there’s something you do that is good for you or not, good for you or not?

How do you what do you how do you what do you how do you, how do you what do you how do you make up your mind if you feel? And I feel. And I need you comin’ around

‘Cause I feel

How do you feel?
Blinded by the love