1. Sarah

From the recording Parachute

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Bar - Vocals, piano
Kevin Bartlett - guitars, Piano, additional programming
Sam Zucchini - drums
Ethel - string quartet
Jeff Carney - double bass
Larry Packer - violin
String Arrangement - Bar and Kevin


©2006, Bar Scott

Sarah, Sarah, Where are you, Sarah?

Sarah, try and find me ‘cause I’m hiding
far away with a girl who had started to find
secrets that somebody else had to hide
I always thought that I could fly then
Pain and everything

When I love I feel love, Sarah

Lie with the lions and the lions will lie
Their dark eyes must hide what’s beyond them
I hide with the hiders you hide with the lies
If we hide with the hiders and lies
never calling “Ally, Ally, Come In!”
we’ll never know if I can fly with pain and everything

Sarah, find me soon

Sarah, Sarah,
Where are you, Sarah?
When I love I know love, Sarah