Reminder - a Little bit of Forrest to make you smile

Yesterday I looked at a video my friend Franco Vogt did during the Woodstock Book Fest last weekend. The producer of the festival, Martha Frankel, asked audience members to go backstage after one of the panels and stand in front of Franco’s camera for what she called a mug shot. No one knew why, including Martha. But as with so many spontaneous acts of creation something did come out of it: a short video that was posted on Facebook last night. The pictures were shot in black and white and included a lot of people I know so it was fun to watch. Naturally, I waited for my image to fly across the screen hoping I looked decent, or good even, since this thing was being posted for the world to see.

            A few hours later, my friend Debra posted an image of herself from that same video. Somehow she’d figured out how to isolate a single image, snatch it from the series, and post it for her friends to see. Her efforts made me want to do the same. So I did. I went frame by frame, found myself again, and learned what a screen shot is and how to take one.

            What I found was a gift.

            For the first time I saw Forrest in a picture of myself. It’s really made me smile today. And of course, it reminded me of all of you. I thought you might enjoy seeing the similarities. It’s something about our scrunched up mouths…

            Happy Spring!