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Steep N Heat - Ceramic Tea Lid that's also a Creamer Steamer

Hello FB friends! Here's a way to buy my Steep N Heat without going through Etsy. Just let me know what color or decoration you like. Depending on which color you order I may need 6 - 8 weeks to send it out. The ones in this picture are all I have and some are already gone, so I'll work as quickly as I can to get yours to you. Thank you for your patience, and thank you for supporting this idea. 

I'm having trouble figuring out how to add a paypal button and cart option to my store today, so just shoot me an email at barscott1026 at gee mail dot com. You can send a check or we can do paypal or square to complete your order. The plain colored ones are $19.00, which includes $4.80 in shipping. The decorated ones are $23, which also includes shipping. Hopefully I can get the price down in the coming years, but you're getting the first ones and helping this idea take flight, and I thank you. Love, Bar

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2015 - 3 Songs for Film


I love this short but worth-it CD! With help from friends, I was able to have these three songs arranged for string quintet. "Heaven" and "More" are being considered for a movie (more when it's a sure thing). In the meantime, I've loved every moment of this project and hope you will too! "I Wave Bye Bye" is a stunning song written by Jesse Winchester. I've sung it here with Chris Ranney's beautiful arrangement. $7 includes shipping.

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Journey CD

This was a fun record to make. I recorded my tracks in my home studio, emailed them my friend Peter Tomlinson in Woodstock, NY, where he recorded his parts. Later we mixed with Dave Cook at his studio in Saugerties, NY. Very fun to work this way, and a fun album to listen to. I recommend cranking it up. As Bar Scott CDs go, this is the funnest. 

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Parachute CD

(2006) By far the biggest production of mine to date. Parachute was recorded in my home studio in upstate New York. Featured players are Tony Levin (bass) Gerry Marotta (drums) Sam Zucchinni (drums). Songs include: Parachute, More, Everyday People, Sarah, Come to Me, Here I Am, Blinded by the Love, Remember Love, World on Fire, Oh God, Tree, Wintertime, and Valentine. $14 includes shipping. 

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Grapes and Seeds CD

(2000) Piano based songs featuring Tony Levin, Anders Alfelt, Graham Maby, Jay Scott, Gary Burke, and Abby Newton. Songs include: Heaven, Fear from Paradise, Easter Sunday, Write Me a Love Letter (with Tony Levin's incredible interpretation on bass), Buddy's Back in Town, Like it Was, Hold Your Head Up, Cry, Where the Angels Meet, and Love is the Reason. $12 includes shipping

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Confession - CD

Recorded in 1995, Confession includes "I'm Here" which was covered by Frances Black in 2000. It also includes "One Small Cage" "When the Hero Falls" and Eric Bibb's "For You." C0-produced with Denny Bridges and recorded at Rave Tesar's NJ Studio. 

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A Little Dream CD

(2007) This is a recording that I always wanted to make.  I recorded this collection of standards with Peter Tomlinson (piano) and Lou Pappas (bass). Dave Cook set up my studio to record in 90+ degree weather and we played for two days straight. Very fun and very hot! Songs include: The Nearness of You, You Better Go Now, I Wish I Didn't Love You So, Dream a Little Dream of Me, For all We Know, Since I Fell For You, Two For the Road, Every Time We Say Goodbye, It Might As Well Be Spring, Good Morning, Heartache, My Ship, The Man I Love, and Where is Love. $12 includes shipping

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Silence is Broken CD

(1992) My first official recording. Boy it's a long time ago, and boy, oh boy did I learn a lot doing it. Players include Pat Bergeson (guitars, harmonica) Dave Anderson (bass) Mike Marble (drums) Jay Scott (acoustic guitar) and David Hamburger (dobro and pedal steel). Songs include: Waiting, Oh Willy, Love is All, Tears Are Full of Fear, Seasons, Sailor, Silence is Broken, Billy, Can You Hear Me?, Quit It, His Mother's Legacy, Modern Man, and Amelia. $10 includes shipping

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Sweets for the Soul CD

Live recording in June 2002 at The Colony Cafe in Woodstock New York. Recorded and Mixed by Dave Cook. Songs include: Love is the Reason, When the Hero Falls, Heaven, Hold Your Head Up, I'm Here, One Small Cage, Up on the Hill, Buddy's Back in Town, His Mother's Legacy, Write Me A Love Letter, Seasons, Cry, Grace, Where the Angels Meet, and Silence is Broken. Erica Cohn, Jen Starr, and Dorraine Schofield sang with me in this show. So much fun! $10 includes shipping. 

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The Present Giver - a memoir

Many of you know about my son Forrest. This is a book about his short but remarkable life. It's an uplifting book. That's what people say, and that's how I feel about it, too.

The book is also available at Amazon for Kindle or Barnes and Noble for Nook. They'll print on demand as well, or you can order from me for $14, which includes shipping. My friend Abigail Thomas painted the cover picture. Audio Book read by me with an introduction by my father, Buck Scott, is also available.

The Present Giver Book

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The Lone Writer's Writing Club Workbook - 8.5" x 11" spiral bound


This is a writing workbook/handbook/storybook for writers (or anyone, really) who wishes they had a group of writing friends to motivate them. The book is filled with prompts that the lone writer will respond to, followed by the responses of 2, 3, or 4 other writers. Reading other writers' pieces gives the lone writer an opportunity to see what others do with prompts. It also gives them a sense of community and the all-important reminder that their own story is worth telling. This workbook is meant to inspire more writing. In that way, it's good for writers who are just starting out, writers who write professionally, writers who are moving from non-fiction to fiction or the other way around. It's also great for anyone who's interested in knowing themselves a little better. Perfect for writing groups who need an absentia leader as well. And there are plenty of blank pages to write on. 

$12 plus $3 shipping in the USA. Thank you!

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Liturgy CD

(2003) Recorded for my mother-in-law, Shirley "Olma" Schoenberger, who loved these hymns. I learned how to read music singing hymns as a child so this was a sweet record to make. $10 includes shipping. 

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