Bar Scott


by Bar Scott

Released 2006
Lucy Max
Released 2006
Lucy Max
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Includes performances by Tony Levin, Gerry Marotta and Kirsti Gholson.

Peter Schoenberger won 2nd place honors in the 2007 IMA awards for his photography inside and out of this package

Excerpt from a review of Parachute by Mare Wakefield, Independent Music Editor for Performing Songwriter Magazine (DIY March/April 2007)

"....The record floats gracefully through the atmosphere, enveloping listeners with a silken touch and a life-supporting strength.

....Scott’s ethereal voice invites listeners on a soulful, inspirational journey, while the stark piano accompaniment lets her lyrics shine….

Parachute will set you down in a place you’ve never been before; trust us when we tell you to take the dive."

Excerpt from a review of Parachute written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange by Mike Jurkovic (2006) Reprinted in Chronogram Magazine September 2006

Pin-pointing favorite tracks on Parachute is like shredding a whole cloth, but for those of you with short attention spans, start with the opening title track, then try the exquisite Sarah. Then program Come to Me, World on Fire and Oh God. Then be kind to yourself and let the disc play full. You'll hear what I mean...."

Review by Angie Chaney, Vision Music Group, Nashville for "Roots Music Report"

"I loved this CD. Bar Scott and Parachute would be the perfect CD to enjoy after a long stressful day, and then simply float on the easy listening melodies, touching lyrics and beautiful voice. Once I heard this CD I was an instant fan of Bar Scott."