Bar Scott

Sweets for the Soul - The Live CD

by Bar Scott

Released 2002
Lucy Max Productions
Released 2002
Lucy Max Productions
Bar Scott creates beauty. If you like Joni Mitchell or Sarah Mclaughlan, check Bar out. Good, soulful, melodic and totally vocal music.
There's something about the combination of Bar's songs, her voice and her presentation that fills the listener with hope and goodness.

With the release of Sweets for the Soul - her first Live Recording - Bar is presenting a body of work that spans nearly 20 years. This is her 5th full length recording of original work. The performance was recorded at the Colony in Woodstock, New York on June 8th, 2002.

Bar performed on piano, voice and guitar, with Jen Starr and Erica Cohn singing background vocals. They were joined by Dorraine Scofield on violin, mandolin and additional vocals. Anders Alfelt added bass, Ralph Legnini played guitars and Fre Atlast and Joshua Pearl sat in on one tune a piece with djembe and piano respectively.

It was a night to remember and this CD records it.

We hope that you will enjoy it and feel the power.