Bar Scott

Silence is Broken

by Bar Scott

Released 1992
JSR Records
Released 1992
JSR Records
Voted Best CD of the year in 1992. Music driven by a deep and melodic voice. Warm and provocative.
Recorded in 1992, Silence is Broken was Bar Scott's first full length CD to be released in the USA, and subsequently in Europe.

It was chosen by Stereo Magazine, Germany, as the best CD of the year in 1992.

This CD is performed in a pop band format: Pat Bergeson on guitars (Lyle Lovett, Chet Atkins and Suzie Boggus), David Anderson on bass, Mike Marble on drums, Jay Scott on mandolin and guitar, and David Hamberger on dobro and peddle steel.

This is a fun record to listen to.

Lots of up-beat but also thoughtful songs.

As is Bar's trademark, there are lots of harmony vocals performed by her, and also a performance by Amy Fradon and Leslie Ritter of the duo Amy and Leslie on the title cut, Silence is Broken.