Bar Scott


by Bar Scott

Released 2014
Lucy Max
Released 2014
Lucy Max
Songs written, played, and sung by a woman whose voice has been described as mellifluous, warm, beautiful, provocative, comforting, and as one of the best voices on Earth (Tommy West, Jim Croce's producer) - listen, you'll hear.
I've been making music in one way or another for most of my life. From choirs, to talent shows, to concert venues of all sizes. I've performed in fabulous halls like The Beacon Theater in New York, The Terrytown Music Hall, The Clearwater Music Festival, and the Cathedral at Saint John the Divine during two of their New Year's Eve Peace concerts in New Year City. I've done loads of house concerts, which I love, and smaller venues like the Tin Angel, Skyeheart, and Tinker Street Cafe. One of my favorite gigs of all time was Levon Helm's Mid Night Ramble about a year before Levon died. What I feel most lucky about, though, are the people I've gotten to play with: Phoebe Snow, Mindy Jostyn, Amy Helm, Peter Tomlinson, Tony Levin, Gerry Marotta, Fred Hand, Beth Nielsen-Chapman, Donald Fagen, David Sancious, Ethel, and so many others -- all of these extraordinary players who I've known through the years who have invited me into their musical space or who have been gracious enough to come into mine.

I'm a songwriter who loves the lyrics. I was born with the voice I have. It's pretty but hopefully not sappy. I sing low, I sing high, I sing in the middle, so I do a lot of vocal harmony when I record. The songs come from noodling on piano (my main instrument) or guitar. Lyrics come long after the music is written, arranged and recorded. I take a long time, years often, to get to my lyrics. Once they're done, I feel like the song is mine and I've said what I had to say. But my guess is that most people hear my voice and don't even notice the lyrics for maybe a long time. My hope is that they'll listen long enough to get the lyrics, and I'm grateful when my fans take that time. Over the years I've been happily surprised by the number of people who do take that time. Thank you, everybody who does that!

People tell me I sound like or remind them of these artists: Laura Nyro, Sarah Mclachlan, Enya (not so much, but I sort of know what they're talking about. Multiple vocals etc) Annie Lenox, and Joni Mitchell. I'm happy with all these associations, but I'm happier still when people tell me it sounds like me, and I hear that a lot, so thanks for that too.

I love what I do. I've been lucky. I've made a lot of albums and I've done it my own way since 1987 with my first recording, Different Shoes, which very few people have ever heard. Much later, I was one of the first artists on CDBaby. They started in Woodstock, where I lived for nearly 20 years. I was onboard with my CD called Grapes and Seeds (2000) and it's been a great partnership ever since. Thanks for supporting independent music, and if you like mine, thanks for supporting me, too.