Bar Scott


I spend a lot of time creating things.
There are days when songs are what I want to write,
days when it's stories I need to tell or paper I want to cut up to make collage,
and still other days when a camera is what I reach for. 

Recently I got obsessed with my Steep N Heat idea. I just got my first batch and will be making my second batch soon with whatever color you like.

You can order one on Etsy, or if you want, send me an email and we can do paypal or square.

barscott1026 at gmail is my address. Thank you!





You can find my music on iTunes,

my books at Amazon or, and Barnes and Noble 

videos on youtube

Blank cards of my photographs and Collages on Etsy


When you support the work of artists you love,
you give them the ability to do what they're here to do. 

Thank you!