I’ve been remiss about my¬†website. Two months ago I committed to learning the basics of piano after playing for over twenty years. I’ve been doing scales and finger exercises enough to drive my dogs and husband nuts, but it’s paying off. However, it’s kept me from being on top of my website, my blog, and the business of selling my new CD. I always find a way to avoid the business of selling CDs. I love my music, love it even more when others want to hear it, but self promotion has always been last on my list of things to do on a given day. My hope is that you’ll go to itunes and take a listen, or buy a copy! Why not? If you do, you’ll be making me happy, and if what others are saying is true, it’s a good bunch of songs.
Thank you for coming to visit. And thank you for supporting my work. Bar

Barfor website

There are lots of ways to buy Journey:
at my store
at CDBaby (hard copy or download)
at the iTunes Store
or simply send a check for $12
(please add $3 s&h; $1 for each additional CD)
to: Bar Scott, POB 576, Westcliffe, CO 81252
You can also tune-in on Spotify and Pandora 

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